How to Treat Acne Without Causing more Blemishes?

A lot of acne treatments promise that they will help you get rid of acne. Most of them can live up to this promise. However, a lot of these treatments do not prevent new acne blemishes. They treat the existing ones but also causes new blemishes to form. This is a quite common problem especially if you are using a treatment that is not suited for your skin type.

Acne starts when your pores are clogged with dead skin cells and hardened sebum. This prevents the acne bacteria to reach the surface together with the newly produced oil. Because of this, the acne bacteria multiplies and this will cause your body to launch its immune response to bacterial overgrowth; inflammation. It is actually your immune system that causes the signs and symptoms of acne.

Most acne treatments can help you get rid of the acne bacteria, remove hardened oil and get rid of dead skin cells. However, if you choose the wrong acne treatment, it can backfire and you will end up having more blemishes than the usual.

If you have dry skin and you use treatments with strong levels of benzoyl peroxide, you will end up with dry skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong chemical ingredient that is commonly used by a lot of acne products. Its primary role is to kill the acne causing bacteria. Though this chemical may annihilate the bacteria, it also damages your skin. The process of oxidation, the process in which benzoyl peroxide kills acne bacteria, also causes your skin to become dry and irritated. Benzoyl peroxide introduces oxygen to your pores thus creating an environment that is impossible for the acne bacteria to survive. We all know that oxidation is not very good for your skin. When your skin is dry, it elicits an automatic response from your body to produce more oil. This triggers the formation of new blemishes.

Another reason why you can’t seem to stop acne from coming back is because of the creams and the moisturizers that you use. Sometimes these creams and moisturizers can make your skin oily and this will clog your pores. Clogged pores is the number one factors that can trigger acne.

Finally, you need to be careful in choosing your make up products. As we all know, oil-based makeups can stay longer but these products can also clog your pores. In choosing your cosmetics, go for those that are non-comendogenic.